What is a computer virus?


What exactly is a computer virus and how does one get it? Say you’re just browsing the internet when dozens of ads pop up on your screen or every time you start your computer, a weird message appears with only the option to hit “Okay,” those are what you would call a virus. A computer virus is a type of malware, a piece of software designed to damage or disable a computer. There are several ways to download a malware without you even knowing about it. By clicking an ad on an insecure website, downloading an app from outside the App Store, opening unsafe email attachments, or even through peer to peer file sharing.

If you’re hit with a computer virus, it means that the malware is self-replicating and spreading to different computers (without you knowing). It can erase parts of your computer’s code and/or even rewrite it, or search it for personal information such as bank log-in credentials.

The best steps to take if you think your machine might be infected, is to run some legitimate antivirus software such as McAfee or Kaspersky Antivirus and follow the instructions carefully. Windows comes with Defender or Firewall out of the box so you could use those if you don’t have either of the aforementioned pieces of software. These Microsoft offerings are occasionally subject to certain errors that communities online dedicated to addressing problems with Windows Firewall have discussed and solved so that you can overcome such hurdles yourself. If you’re no tech savvy at all, you could give us a call and we can help you get rid of your computer virus and protect it from future virus and malware attacking again, which is just to keep your computer up to date on software, which is what we do daily for all our clients. We give them the best protection that is up to date with new technology.

Till this day, companies are still falling victim to an eight-year-old computer virus, called Conficker. If we all followed the steps to get protected, it would make it harder for hackers to put a virus on your computer. There are many ways that companies can protect themselves from viruses, for example in a factory, employees normally share a CKS Solutions Limited PC. Companies like these should cover up the USB ports with a lock and key in order to stop anyone downloading malicious software on the unit. Just last year there were 530,000 incidents involving this 8 year old virus. It’s nothing new, but is still infected because we don’t utilize the correct cybersecurity practices to end this computer virus.

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