Company Network Security

Computer Information Security and Firewall Service

Company network security is more than just hardware or software. To be successful, it needs to be a way of thinking, a strategy that will inform all your computer information security policies. Your network security is only as strong as its weakest link, so every aspect of the network must be considered.

We sometimes hear from clients that they don’t believe a firewall service or IT security is necessary – they believe that their business doesn’t have important data that anyone would want to steal. However, computer network security is about more than that. An unsecured network with a missing or insufficient firewall service can leave your company vulnerable to malicious attacks that could mean costly downtime and major interruptions to productivity – all of which can ultimately damage your customers’ perception of your company, and could even result in regulatory and compliance issues.

It’s easy to believe that every type of firewall service or network security software is created equal – but we don’t agree. At TH2 Technologies we recommend our clients use computer information security tools that are dynamic and capable of adapting as the nature of cyber threats change. We also recommend IT security solutions that will have minimal, if any effect on your business’s day-to-day performance. When you engage TH2 for your network security needs, we will implement solutions employing network monitoring that allows us to control your network traffic to a high degree of detail – always ensuring that your network is running optimally and safely.