Wireless Internet Provider Services

We work with just about all of the major internet services and circuit providers. Let us take on the burden of searching through the available internet service providers in your area – we can help your business engage the best internet service provider to provide true value for your hard-earned money. Whether you are moving offices, upgrading to faster speeds or just want to see if there are better deals out there, let TH2 help you.

TH2 Technologies works directly with your ISP.

TH2 Technologies works directly with your internet provider. With years of tech experience, we speak the same language as internet service providers and their support personnel; this makes us the best asset you can have for restoring internet services as quickly as possible. We will call your wireless internet provider, explain the problem, troubleshoot with them, and if need be, assist their technicians.

Common problems that internet providers refuse to address include:

  • Not getting the bandwidth you pay for from your wireless internet provider
  • Packet loss causing an intermittent connection
  • Adding new devices to your network
  • Modem Upgrades
  • Port Blocking
  • Bandwidth Throttling

We leverage several tools to give the internet service provider real life data, show them the problems and demand that they fix them.

TH2 Technologies can help ensure you sign up with the best internet service provider to meet your needs, and that you then get exactly what you are paying for.