Proactive Network Management

TH2 Technologies uses the latest in remote management and monitoring tools.  Our systems allows us to maintain your machine when it is most convenient to you, the end user. No more giving up your system for your IT professional to “maintain Windows” (how many times have you heard that, and really what does it mean anyways?). This proactive approach is what will keep your systems running smoother and longer, allowing you to maximize your technology investment and increase productivity.

We are so confident in our ability to deliver fast, effective support we don’t put anyone into a long term support contract.

All of our contracts are month to month.


DATA Protection

There is no question having a good backup is critical to any business.  The question is which type of backup is right for my business.  TH2 has flexible solutions available! Having an onsite copy is great for fast restores, and having an off-site copy is essential for recovery in worst case scenarios (i.e., your office catches fire or viruses like Cryptolocker). The question to ask yourself is what will the cost be to not have access to my data or server per hour, per day and then from there figure out which backup makes the most sense to mitigate those costs.