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One thing most businesses in Orange County and San Diego worry a lot about is a malware attack. Cybersecurity is a major issue across the globe and if you are the victim of an attack it can have catastrophic impact on your business. 

Unfortunately, many companies are underprepared for a malware attack. This is about more than just having the right software in place to ward off potential cyberattacks. It’s about having a strategy in place that helps you get back up and running if you do become a victim. 

Whatever your business in Orange County or San Diego, you probably handle data and this needs to be protected. Here we take a look at the measure that should be implemented when you are the subject of a malware attack. 

1. Detecting the Attack

If you have the appropriate IT support in place, they should be able to detect a malware attack relatively quickly. The important thing here is making sure the response team knows and that they are in a position to deal with it. 

2. Validating the Malware Attack

The next stage is to make sure that this is an actual malware attack on your Orange County or San Diego business and what impact it has on your data and services. Validation will also look at whether the attack was random or targeted. 

3. Controlling the Damage

The next big step is putting in processes that limit the damage and the scope of the malware attack, for example, isolating certain computers or data areas. It also means using software to remove the malware. 

4. Recovering Data

The next stage is to get your systems back up and running so that your Orange County or San Diego business gets back to full operational capacity as soon as possible. Once this has been done, it’s also important to learn the lessons from the malware attack and what can be done to reduce the chances of a similar event taking place. 

If you want to put in place a cybersecurity process that protects your San Diego or Orange County business, contact the team at TH2Tech.com today to find out how we can help