IT Security Services

Is Your IT Security Up To Scratch?

Ask most people and the only thing they know about cybersecurity is that it can freeze up their computer because of a phishing attack or it’s something they see once in a while mentioned on the news. 

The truth is that IT security generally works in the background and most of us don’t have the faintest idea whether it’s operating properly or not. Not all malware will disable your network of computers. They might be stealing your bandwidth or, even worse, the data belonging to you and your customers. 

Is It Time for an IT Security Audit?

We’re used to getting audits done for all sorts of things in the business world. An IT security audit is carried out by an independent provider and is designed to give you a full understanding of where you business sits at the moment. 

It will look at your IT management system, do a risk assessment for your business and make suggestions for improving security in the future. A good audit should give you all this in plain English too, so that you can understand fully what you need to do. 

If you’ve not had an IT security audit for your business, now might be the right time to have one done. You may be putting your systems and network at risk simply by not being aware of the problems. 

The Benefits of an IT Security Audit

While the foremost benefit of an IT security audit is that you know what level of security you have for your business and whether it is up to speed, there are some other benefits. 

It will save you money in the long term. You’ll have processes and procedures in place that protect your data and software. While this doesn’t guarantee you will never be hacked, it does reduce the likelihood significantly and may mean you business doesn’t come to a halt because of a cyber attack. 

It also gives you a strong selling point when dealing with customers – a clean bill of health and an understanding of your processes and procedures when it comes to IT security means you are able to give instant reassurance to anyone who does business with you.