mobile device management

The dilemma of mobile device management

Increasingly, employers are implementing “bring your own device” – or BYOD – policies which allow employees to bring their own tablets, smartphones or other devices into the workplace for work purposes. This has the advantage of cost savings for the employer, as they don’t have to pay for mobile devices from the company budget. For … Continued

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AI is Helping With Cybersecurity Risk Management

How AI is Helping With Cybersecurity Risk Management

If you think the world of technology is advancing at too great a speed, you’re not alone. If your business is focused on cybersecurity risk management, it often appears that the hackers and other criminals are way ahead of the curve.  It may sound over-complicated to bring AI into cybersecurity risk management but in an … Continued

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K12 schools need mobile device management services

Why K12 Schools Need Mobile Device Management Services

More and more schools are operating BYOD and one to one mobile device policies. Not only does it save on costs for the institution itself, it can deliver greater flexibility and opportunity for teaching and learning.  The challenge, however, is that all these devices add to the IT security and management challenges faced by the … Continued

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Cloud computing

Should Your Business Move to Cloud Computing?

If there’s one technology that has disrupted the world of business in recent years, it’s the rise and success of cloud computing. It essentially means that a business only needs to have an internet connection to access all it’s important tech facilities.  With the increasing use of mobile devices, the cloud provides businesses of all … Continued

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Cloud Computing

Microsoft Gets Pentagon Cloud Computing Contract Over Amazon

Much has been written in the last year about the lucrative $10 billion cloud computing contract up for tender with the Pentagon. In recent times, Amazon were seen as the front runners and favorites. At the end of October, however, it was announced that Microsoft had, in fact, landed the lucrative deal.  This cloud computing … Continued

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cybersecurity risk

Why Newly Registered Domains May Be Your Biggest Cybersecurity Risks

Most businesses are familiar with cybersecurity risks such as phishing attacks and the potential for instigating malware from opening emails. The battle against malicious actors on the internet often seems like a never-ending problem and comes from many different directions. Recent research by the Palo Alto Network, for example, has found that Newly Registered Domains … Continued

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Mobile device security

Why Mobile Device Security is Vital for Blue Collar Workers

The extent to which blue-collar and other workers use tech devices has changed over recent years. You now are just as likely to see drivers and construction workers as well as organizations such as the police suing mobile devices with their own software and business-related apps.  What it means is that mobile device security applies … Continued

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