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5 Ways to Improve Your Business Mobile Security

With most of us nowadays carrying at least one mobile device around with us, maintaining mobile security online has never been more important. 

If your business uses a range of smartphones, laptops and tablets, these essential mobile security steps should help keep your business and your staff safe. 

1. Get Authentication Right

Whether it’s using strong passwords or options such as two or multi-factor authentication, it’s important to make sure that the person using a particular device is permitted to do so by your company. 

There are a number of options available nowadays and it’s important to talk with your IT support to put together the right mobile security measures. 

2. Regularly Update Applications

With staff owning multiple devices, making sure that they update them regularly is essential for mobile security. The reason for this is that updates don’t just contain program and facility improvements but security patches as well. Ensuring updates are carried out automatically can save you a lot of worry. 

3. Create Regular Backups

Lost data and software will not only damage the ability of your business to operate it can do serious harm to your reputation as well. Backing up at regular intervals ensures that if a catastrophic event does occur, you are better placed to cope with it. 

4. Block Suspicious Apps and Software

Lack of control over mobile devices means that employees can often download less than safe apps and other software. To maintain mobile security, it is essential that you have a solution in place that prevents anyone from downloading an unsanctioned app or program onto their phone or tablet if it is being used for the operation of your business. 

5. Have a Firm Mobile Security Procedure in Place

This includes making sure that users don’t access their devices from public Wi-Fi networks as these tend to be more susceptible to hackers and malware. If staff do need to use their devices outside the office, the best way to ensure their mobile security is to set up a VPN or virtual private network. 

If a device is stolen, having the facility to wipe a smartphone or tablet remotely will also help ensure that data isn’t lost or falls into the hands of malicious actors. 

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