Mobile device security

Why Mobile Device Security is Vital for Blue Collar Workers

The extent to which blue-collar and other workers use tech devices has changed over recent years. You now are just as likely to see drivers and construction workers as well as organizations such as the police suing mobile devices with their own software and business-related apps. 

What it means is that mobile device security applies to a much wider section of the national workforce than it ever did before. 

For example, repair services or cable TV installers will often carry around mobile phones or tablets to help with their work. Delivery drivers will be connected to monitoring software to improve productivity. Construction workers may use apps to connect different parts of an ongoing project.

The Challenges of Mobile Device Security

Using any mobile device outside the safe umbrella of your organization brings plenty of challenges as many businesses are now finding. It requires you to have a specific policy on usage that not only includes appropriate cybersecurity but training staff properly to use set devices. 

  • Training Staff: You can have all the technology and cybersecurity you like in place but if employees don’t know how to use it properly and aren’t aware of the security issues you will still be putting your business at risk. 
  • Mobile Device Management: There are a range of tools available that help your business manage devices, for example, being able to wipe or lock a mobile if it is lost or stolen. 
  • Virtual Private Network: VPNs allows you to add an extra layer of encryption and provide IT teams with information about what is happening with a particular external device. 
  • Mobile Threat Defense: There are numerous tools that can be used to reduce the vulnerability of a mobile device such as intrusion prevention and host firewalling. 
  • Password Policies: Strong password policies within an organization are increasingly vital in preventing attacks and improving mobile device security. 

Finding the Right Balance with Mobile Device Security

It’s important for employers to be aware of what the issues are and how these impact on their employees when it comes to mobile devices, whether BYOD or company hardware. Sectors and even individual businesses differ in their requirements which is why it’s important to develop a comprehensive, tailored strategy in conjunction with your IT service.