cybersecurity measures

The Legal, Business and Technical Measures That Can Improve Your Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has evolved significantly over the last two decades. Where it was often enough just to have the right virus software on your work computers, today’s complex online world requires a mix of legal, business and technical measures to ensure you business remains secure.  Legal Measures for Cybersecurity A range of legal measures and cybersecurity … Continued

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Company Network Security

What Threats to Company Network Security Do All Businesses Face?

In our increasingly digital world, cybersecurity threats are a growing concern. Businesses, in particular, are a target favored by criminal elements. Here, we take a look at a few of the most common threats and explore why they’re especially problematic for businesses. Malware A portmanteau derived from the words “malicious” and “software,” malware is a … Continued

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Cyber Security threats

Cyber security threats to watch out for in 2018

From worldwide ransomware attacks to data breaches such as that suffered by credit-reporting giant Equifax, 2017 has shown us that cybersecurity threats continue to be a very real danger to businesses of all sizes. With cybercriminals becoming increasingly more sophisticated in their attacks against individuals, businesses, and other institutions, here are what we believe will … Continued

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