IT Service Provider

Signs It’s Time to Change Your IT Service Provider in San Diego and Orange County

If you have a business in Orange County or San Diego, you may well use an outsourced IT service provider. There are a lot of different companies to choose from and finding a strong partner can be challenging. 

Here we take a look at the 5 signs your provider might not be delivering exactly what you need:

1. They’re Reactive, Not Proactive

A reputable IT service provider won’t provide a one size fits all solution. They’ll actually get to know your business and understand what its needs are. That could also mean they have experience of dealing with businesses in San Diego and Orange County and the challenges they face. 

Ideally, your IT service provider needs to be proactive, especially when it comes to issues such as cybersecurity. 

2. You Don’t Have the Right Tech

You may have noticed that your competitors around Orange County and San Diego are getting a head start on you when it comes to the software or hardware they use. That’s probably because their IT service provider is actually delivering when it comes to new technologies while yours has taken its eye off the ball. 

3. They Can’t Multi-Task

All too often, businesses that sign up to an IT service provider find they can’t do much more than one job at a time. Companies usually have a number of IT issues that have to be handled all at once and it’s essential that the support is on top of things. 

4. Your IT Support Disappears During Holidays

While many IT service providers in San Diego and Orange County boast 24/7 coverage, many simply disappear when it comes to holiday periods or even the weekends. If your provider is one of these, they are not being as responsive as they should be. 

5. They Don’t Have Enough Staff

It’s true that many outsourced IT companies don’t have the employees on board who are able to cover all the bases. This should be worrying, not least because it means your IT service provider may not be up to date with its expertise, especially if it is just a one or two-person operation. 

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