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While you may think that large corporations are the sole focus of hackers, the opposite is actually true. Big businesses, while still not immune, can afford to put in expensive protective systems. 

Smaller businesses are likely to be vulnerable because they either don’t understand the risks or haven’t addressed them properly due to budgetary reasons. SMBs are continually finding themselves underprepared when it comes to cyber attacks. 

According to recent research, because of this, many are likely to use a managed service provider to help with threat prevention, particularly if they are certain to be offered comprehensive protection. 

  • While 60% of SMBs say they are at risk of cyber attack, only just under half feel that they have the cybersecurity measures in place to protect themselves. 
  • 75% believe that any cyber attack will cause significant damage and just under 20% believe they wouldn’t be able to survive as a business. 

Why a Strong MSP is Now a Key Asset for Small Businesses

8 out of 10 SMB bosses now admit that a managed service provider is vital to their operation. The key here is helping with threat prevention and it’s an area that MSPs need to be aware of. Nearly 43% of SMBs value threat prevention highly, with other services such as data collection and analyzing engagement falling some way behind. 

The majority of businesses struggle in one important area – their budgets and how much they can spend on threat prevention in the first place. The situation has gotten more difficult with the development of cloud-based services that bring additional cybersecurity challenges. MSPs, in turn, have to be well equipped to provide the services that SMBs require and that service also needs to be highly adaptable and evolutionary in nature. 

The good news is that our knowledge and understanding of cyber threats is growing and many SMBs are now paying particular attention to what a particular MSP provides and determining whether it suits their purposes before hiring their services.