IT Outsourcing Company

What Should You Expect from Your IT Outsourcing Company?

Todays businesses are run by technology. It is the computers, the networks and the software that enables us to offer our products and services to our clients and when any part of that combination fails, our business could be at a standstill. For larger corporations with in-house IT teams, this usually isnt a problem. An IT guy shows up within minutes and takes care of the problem. For smaller companies, or companies on a budget, who cant afford an IT team, IT outsourcing is the perfect solution. They get Managed IT Serviceswhen they need them without having to pay a full time IT professional. With IT services you still need to be on the same page when dealing with your systems, so having something like a statuspage could be a good way to have you, your staff and/or customers up to date on what may be happening throughout maintenance downtime and system repairs.

Sounds simple enough, right? But are you getting the service you should be getting from your IT outsourcing company? Here are some things you should expect from your IT outsourcing company:

Are they committed to the needs of your company? There is a difference between someone providing you a service and someone providing a service that meets your business needs. A dedicated IT outsourcing company will be interested in learning about your business so they can provide the best service possible that is custom tailored to your needs.

Do their service contracts cover everything you are paying for? Be sure that the IT outsourcing company provides detailed service contracts that are current and offer a breakdown of fees.

Can they provide you with a breakdown of how your IT systems work together? Understanding your IT system and how the systems integrate with each other is important and your IT outsourcing company should be able to provide a flow chart detailing this information.

Do they identify your critical IT areas? Certain areas of your network are more important than others and can affect your business continuity. A good IT outsourcing company will show you which systems are vital and need immediate upgrading and which systems need more maintenance than others.

Ask for a 6-month IT plan. IT outsourcing ensures that your network is operating properly, is updated regularly and that it is compliant with all necessary regulations. Ask for a 6-month IT plan that will ensure your IT network meets your companys goals and ask how it will be implemented.

IT outsourcing is an important aspect of any business. It can save you time and money and help to ensure your networks are always ready. When you find an IT outsourcing company you like, be sure that they meet the requirements above and that they will work closely with you to create an IT strategy that will grow with your business.