CEO and Cyber Threats

CEOs Need to Understand Cyber Threats Better

Any strategic approach a company takes for its operation needs to be delivered from the top down. When it comes to combatting cyber threats, in particular, it’s not just about having the right technology in place and hoping for the best. 

CEOs that are engaged and knowledgeable in this area have more chance putting the right processes and procedures in place to protect their business and its customers. The trouble is that nearly three-quarters of leaders admit there are gaps in their knowledge when it comes to malware and security threats, even for well-covered areas such as phishing attacks and ransomware. 

Research that looked for responses from 400 C-suite executives both in the US and UK, found there was a significant lack of understanding that could well be putting many businesses at risk. 

This has lead to a lot of stress for CEOs when it comes to cyber threats. One of the major issues is that the technology always seems to be changing and expanding, the threats getting worse and businesses always seem to be playing catchup. 

CEOs, of course, need to handle their budgets effectively. Smaller companies will often suffer from financial constraints that stop them putting in place the right measures to counter cyber threats. That can lead to a head in the sand mentality and the acceptance that an attack is unavoidable. 

What CEOs Need To Do

Greater awareness of the threats is not the only step that leaders and managers need to take. Cyber security is not a standalone phenomenon – it integrates into practically all aspect of the way a business operates nowadays. 

That doesn’t just mean having the right tech or software in place but planning for future cyber threats, educating staff and ensuring there is a concrete policy in place. 

That means also working closely with IT support to make sure that best practice is followed and regular reviews are carried out to ensure cyber threats are being managed effectively, whatever the budget for security happens to be.