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As a business, your computer services are extremely important and, in many cases, an essential part of day-to-day activity. You need to be certain services and systems will stay up-and-running throughout the day and you are protected from malware and viruses at all times. Ensuring you have an IT technician on hand who can ensure your computer systems are running as they should be and who can install all the necessary programmes and protection you need correctly and safely is highly beneficial.

You may be wondering what you should expect when it comes to computer services and installation for your business, which is why we have put together an easy guide of how and why computer services and maintenance plans are worthwhile for you and your business.

Computer system installation  

No matter the IT system you use, we can have your computers up and running with all the programmes you need in no time. We can ensure your computer systems meet the specific requirements of your business and are compatible with industry standards.

Server Installation

We can offer a complete server installation by finding out about your needs and requirements, before delivering a suitable solution including any software or hardware you need for your business.

Server Maintenance

Offering consistent support, you can choose a server maintenance plan to suit you and provide a fast and effective service at all times. Our expert team can provide advice and knowledge to ensure your server is always running efficiently and if any problems arise, they are solved before you experience any detrimental effects. More often than not, server issues can be resolved remotely, so your business will not be disrupted in any way.

With years of experience, here at TH2 Technologies, we pride ourselves on offering a wide and excellent range of computer service. We’re committed to providing first-class service to each of our clients, so they can use the computer with ease and confidence.