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When Will Cloud Computing Be Able to Take Advantage of 5G?

You may be excited that 5G is about to arrive, or you might be scratching your head wondering what it is all about. If you run a business and use cloud computing services, however, the truth is that 5G is probably going to make a significant difference to you. 

Boosting Your Connection

For those who have been using cloud computing for a while, you’ll have noticed a few issues. The biggest is that connectivity can be a bit of a lottery depending on your location and what Wi-Fi is available. 5G should deliver a more consistent experience with higher speeds and better connectivity, wherever you are in the world. 

Better Security

The problem with switching to different public services for your connections is that it has an impact on your level of security. Because you will be using the same 5G system, this shouldn’t be a major problem in the future and means you will be able to maintain a high level of security without worrying over the implications of switching on your laptop or smartphone in a public setting. 

More Solutions

You should also expect cloud computing to expand and deliver better solutions in the future because more people will be coming on board with increased speed and security. 5G is also going to help us connect through the Internet of Things and if your business has plans in this area you should already be pretty excited. 

But when is 5G actually going to arrive?

It’s being rolled out as we speak but only to a select number of locations. Verizon recently launched its 5G service in parts of Houston and Minneapolis in the US and about 30 cities are set to get it by the end of year. 2020 is probably the year when everything really starts moving quickly. Your existing 4G phone will also need to be replaced by a 5G one.