Business Software Questions to Ask

What to Ask Before Buying Business Software

There’s no doubt that the right business software can transform the way you work, improve productivity and take your company into the next important period of growth. 

Asking some key questions, however, is absolutely vital before you part with your IT budget for any new software. Here we take a look at 6 important questions you should be asking:

1. Does the Software Fit Your Business?

It’s often the case with most business software that it will fit some of your needs but may not deliver for others. You might be replacing existing software or bringing in something entirely new and there will be several factors that may influence your decision. 

One is how good a match the software is for the growth of your business. Another is its scalability if you do achieve that growth. Of course, you have to take into account what it costs to train your employees up on the new software as well.

2. Can It Be Customized?

If the business software doesn’t perfectly fit your requirements, and the chances are it doesn’t 100%,  it’s natural to ask whether it can be customized in some way. For high-end products, this is usually included. While this can also affect the price tag, it’s also invaluable. 

3. How Does the Pricing Work?

There are different models for software pricing and it can vary between different providers. Some ask for a one-off fee, others may charge depending on the number of users. Ensure that the pricing model works with your current budget. 

4. What Service Comes With the Business Software?

Most top-end business software products usually come with some form of service. In some cases it will be remote, others might provide someone on site. Find out what service comes with your business software and make sure it matches your needs, particularly with provision such as helplines and their opening/closing times. 

5. How Are Issues Resolved and the Software Updated?

Most software will have issues in development and should have regular updates, not least to protect against cybersecurity risks. Glitches may be common but you want to be sure that your business software provider takes them seriously and updates systems regularly. 

6. Can You Get a Refund if Not Satisfied?

Finally, what happens if you are not satisfied with the product? Most reputable companies will offer either a partial or full refund for customers. Check this before you begin any relationship, however good it appears on the surface.