Top 5 Company Network Security Threats and How to Mitigate Them

Something that every business owner fears is a network security breach where cybercriminals gain access to valuable data which could cause tremendous losses. With today’s cybercriminals becoming more advanced than ever and with technology being used more than ever, the threat of attack is real and business owners need to understand the company network security threats they are up against and how to mitigate them.

Offering company network security, TH2 Technologies provides dependable IT business consulting Orange County business owners have used to save time, money and their networks. We are the industry leaders and we are committed to helping our clients avoid network security threats that could cause their business damage. We have created a list of top 5 company network security threats and show you how to mitigate them.

Cloud attacks. Everyone is using the cloud for dependable and affordable storage. Cybercriminals are using malware to remotely attack both public and private clouds. Ensure your cloud has security measures in place that can help prevent such an attack.

Ransomware. A ransomware attack is used to hold certain information or devices for ransom. The business owner is to pay the hacker if they want their information back or their device unlocked.

Online transaction fraud. With technological advancements in online payment methods becoming more secure, hackers are still finding ways to avoid these security measures. Always maintaining the highest security when managing online transactions is important to avoid losing valuable data.

Software vulnerabilities. Software companies release patches and updates on a regular basis but many users don’t perform the updates leaving themselves vulnerable to attack. Updating your software regularly will help you avoid this.

Altered data attacks. Cybercriminals are now sabotaging data by changing it making the attack difficult to detect. This is usually done in the financial sector where small changes can equal large differences. Ensuring your network security is up to date and that your IT strategy consultant is well trained and experienced can minimize an altered data attack.

Company network security is important and business owners should consult an IT professional to create a network security strategy custom-tailored to their business needs.