IT Trends

IT Trends Every Law Firm Should Practice

Lawyers regularly use email and other digital communication tools to share information and send highly sensitive documents. With ever greater collaboration via cloud services and increasing use of smart devices, staying up to date with the latest IT trends is vital.  Here are five IT practices your law firm needs to consider in the future.  … Continued

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Managed IT Services

Why managed services can be good for small businesses

There are very few companies nowadays that don’t rely on technology for the efficient and productive running of their business. But not all businesses have the resources to maintain a full in-house IT department – and that’s especially true of smaller companies. That’s where managed IT services come in – they can provide the expert … Continued

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Challenges facing IT service providers in 2018

Whether your organization has its own internal IT team, or you contract out to external IT service providers, fulfilling a business’s IT function has never been more complex. IT management providers are tasked with delivering agile and robust tech solutions within continually squeezed IT budgets, against a problematic backdrop of ever-increasing cybercrime and security threats. … Continued

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Malware Attack

Minimizing the Risk of a Malware Attack

There are many ways to minimize the risk of your business being attacked by malicious software and, although we cannot completely eliminate the risk, creating an effective strategy is important. From practicing safe Internet browsing to using a firewall and keeping your virus signature database current, business owners and their employees can reduce the risk … Continued

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