cloud computing

How cloud computing can help your business

Cloud computing has become an increasingly popular data storage solution for businesses in recent years. In terms of both convenience and cost, many organizations find it to have advantages over other storage solutions. However, while data storage, retrieval and backup has traditionally been the primary purpose of cloud computing, it can deliver other advantages to … Continued

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Cloud Computing

Misconceptions about Cloud computing

A key technological growth area in the 21st century has been the development of cloud technologies. From cloud-based file storage and backup platforms to concepts such as “software as a service” (SaaS), more and more companies are using elements of cloud computing in their day-to-day business. But as with any new and developing technologies, it’s … Continued

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Is Cloud Computing Right for Your Business?

One of the most commonly used phrases in today’s business world is cloud computing. Business owners, tech bloggers and other industry insiders seem to always be talking about cloud computing and what it can do for your business. Still, many business owners don’t fully understand just what cloud computing is and what it isn’t. Cloud … Continued

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