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I was born in Manila Philippines and received a BS degree in Commerce major in Marketing from a women’s college in Manila.

My experience in the IT industry began in 2007 as an account manager in an IT distribution company, providing business-to-business services that help customers increase their computer hardware and software business with complete IT solutions.

I’ve enjoyed working in the IT industry since then; I’ve learned a lot from it through the people I worked with in different organizations and through vendor trainings/webinars.

I can’t help but to get amazed sometimes by how awesome technology creations evolve totally changing our world for the better, and this always motivates me to strive hard in learning/gaining some knowledge about the constantly changing technologies!

During my free time, I play MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), which is a game genre where each player adopts a role and act it out in a virtual reality.

MMORPG allows players to connect to hundreds or thousands of gamers to play with in the game’s evolving virtual world and I consider it as a fun hobby because it promotes sense of accomplishment.

There is something about the shared experience of accomplishing mutual, known goals, that just feels right; and there is a great deal of satisfaction to be had in, not only accomplishing in-game goals, or gaining levels, but in doing things for friends or even strangers.

Aside from playing MMORPG, I also like spending time with my dog.

For me, spending time or taking care of my dog can be more than just a leisure time but can also help me reduce stress/tension and improve my mood.



Playing MMORPG Taking care of my dog Watching anime and fantasy movies/TV series

Favorite food

Filipino, Mexican, Italian, sweet dessert treats