IT Network Security Assessment

Network Security Assessment – What Is It?

Over the last three or four years, cybersecurity measures and business technology networks have changed and become a lot more complex. This presents challenges to many companies who want to be sure they are accessing the best protection needed in the modern online world. 

For instance, we no longer simply rely on desktop computers in the office but use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Our data is also more often nowadays stored via cloud services. All these changes present challenges that a network security assessment is designed to address.

What is a Network Security Assessment?

A network security assessment is a full exploration of your current IT measures and services and answers some key questions. It will reveal not only what you company is currently doing right but any areas where changes need to be made. 

It explores whether you have appropriate measures in place should there be a security breach, for example. It will look at how often you view security logs as well as what software you use to protect yourself. It also explores the way you educate staff to mitigate threats such as phishing attacks and who has access to sensitive information in your business. 

Your network security assessment essentially provides a holistic at how your current IT service is performing, whether it’s handled in-house or by a third party outsourced company. It provides a road map for how to improve your cybersecurity and protect your business. 

Do I Need an Network Security Assessment?

If you don’t have a full and current understanding of your security processes, the answer is almost definitely yes. It doesn’t matter the size of our organization, your risk level is just as high as everyone else out there. The good news is that a network security assessment is affordable and can even help deliver cost savings when it comes to tightening up your IT processes.