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Why You Need to Consider IT Security While Using Social Media

While many businesses are focusing their IT security on ensuring they have firewalls and virus software in place, most forget that threats can come from a whole host of different directions. One which is often dismissed when it comes to network security is social media.

  • Hackers are on the look out for as much information as they can find in order to penetrate your systems.
  • Most business owners will be surprised how much data and private information is given away quite routinely on social media.
  • Things we don’t see as personally valuable may be quite the opposite to someone who is trying to get access to our systems.

Social media accounts can be hacked into. Think about the amount of personal information you have in your personal settings such as contact numbers, email addresses as well as bricks and mortar addresses.

Phishing attacks are just as prevalent on social media as they are with email and other digital communications. These attacks essentially try to trick users into clicking on links that either download malware or deliver someone to a nefarious site designed to gather more personal details. In more extreme circumstances they can shut down your network and ask for a ransom to be paid.

Unlike email communications, most of what you put on social media is actually available to anyone on the planet. If a hacker has broken in your account and knows your password, they’ll also be able to see private communications.

While most businesses will have a network security strategy in place, it often doesn’t involve channels like social media. You need to be just as focused on your password integrity and the kind of information you post online here, however, if you want keep your business completely safe.

If you haven’t yet developed an IT security protocol for social media, now is the time to do so. Contact TH2 Technologies today to find out more.