Company Network Security

Nearly 75% Of Company Network Security Breaches Come from Within

A recent study conducted by information security company, Clearswift, shows that nearly 75% of company network security breaches come from within the company itself, not as a result of hacker groups. With over 600 senior business decision makers and 1200 employees from around the world polled, these shocking findings helped to provide some insight into a growing IT security problem.

Shocking Figures

The study showed that 42% of IT security incidents happen due to the actions of employees whilst 74% originate from the extended network of workers, customers, and suppliers. IT security incidents from outside parties was at 26%, a number that is down from previous figures. What does this mean for today’s businesses and how can they provide greater company network security?

How to Protect Your Computer Information Network

There are several things a business can do to protect their computer information security and they all start with proper education. Many of the IT security incidents were accidental and could have been prevented given the proper education and training. Awareness is the key to safeguarding critical information and motivating employees to become an integral part of securing company data is important. With many of the incidents coming from in-house, being able to reduce them could have a big impact on the company’s IT security.

The research also showed something that many industry experts hadn’t expected. Although the number of IT security incidents were on the rise and almost ¾ of them coming from inside the business, security experts are noticing more than half of the incidents within an hour. This is an increase over previous figures from just two years ago of 34%.

Cyber security is important and in-house security breaches shouldn’t happen. With the proper training and awareness, these security incidents can be reduced and important company data can be safeguarded. Create a plan to educate your team today and show them how simple errors can cause a lot of damage to your business. Fewer mistakes equal fewer security incidents and a more sustainable business.