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Company Network Security: New Cybersecurity Certification Launched to Address Behavioral Analytics

In a bid to combat the increasing risk of cyber-attacks and help maintain company network security, a ground-breaking, vendor-neutral certification – CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CSA+) has been launched.

The certification is the first of its kind to bring behavioral analytics to the forefront of cyber threat detection, rather than focusing solely on the technical aspects of the sector – ensuring that cybersecurity teams are able to take a data-driven approach and bolster their company network security and cyber defenses.

Cyber Hackers

Over recent years, cyber hackers have become increasingly skilled when it comes to evading detection from traditional systems such as firewall services, launching increasingly sophisticated attacks such as Advanced Persistent Threats. In order to combat this, an analytics based approach is required, allowing users to identify factors in network traffic such as anomalies, spikes, positives and false positives, which could be indicators of a cyber-attack.

Many of the highest profile cyber-attacks that have taken place over recent years, including the Mirai botnet DDoS attack in 2016 which took down the servers behind sites such as Twitter and Reddit, can’t be stopped by traditional methods such as firewall services and traditional network security protocols.

A More Analytical Approach

With this in mind, a more analytical approach to detection and prevention is required, along with the ability for security teams to interpret vulnerabilities where they might not be immediately obvious.

Graham Hunter, VP Certifications Europe and Middle East at CompTIA, said: “We are starting to see technological developments such as the Internet of Things come to the forefront of the business and social landscape. As these technologies continue to grow and develop, so too does the threats to networks and devices, as hackers find new avenues to attack and access personal information.”