cloud computing

How cloud computing can help your business

Cloud computing has become an increasingly popular data storage solution for businesses in recent years. In terms of both convenience and cost, many organizations find it to have advantages over other storage solutions. However, while data storage, retrieval and backup has traditionally been the primary purpose of cloud computing, it can deliver other advantages to companies who use it as well.

  1. File sharing– With cloud computing, companies have business and customer data immediately available as and when it’s needed. Workers can access information or even workplace applications not just in the office, but also when working remotely, whether that’s at a different work site, from home or on the move. Ease of access to data and apps via cloud computing can provide major advantages to businesses who utilize remote workers, or clients who work off-site but need access to data.
  2. Communication– While many still think of the cloud as a means of data storage, developments in fields such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mean that software and apps can be provided via cloud computing. Today, it is possible for a business to host its entire communications infrastructure on the cloud. Cloud-based computing can offer increased security and reliability when it comes to communications, in comparison with more traditional email. This can also offer advantages over an on-site server in terms of contingency planning and disaster recovery.
  3. Security– As cybersecurity threats increase in volume and severity, IT providers and cybersecurity businesses are increasingly offering security services through cloud computing. The emergence of Security-as-a-Service allows third-party companies to remotely administer security solutions, providing such advantages as automated updates and patching, and remote monitoring of networks.

Here at TH2 Technologies we firmly believe in the advantages that cloud computing can offer businesses of all sizes, not just as an alternative to on-site data storage and backup, but also in terms of remote file access and security. We’re confident that we can use our expertise in cloud computing and other technologies to provide your business with both greater security and competitive advantage. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.