cybersecurity attack

How seriously are businesses taking cybersecurity?

It’s just over a year since the WannaCry ransomware attack targeted private business and public organizations around the world, with high-profile victims including FedEx, German rail company Deutsche Bahn, and the UK’s National Health Service. The seriousness and sheer volume of cybersecurity threats in the past year has shown no sign of abating; according to statistics … Continued

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IT Security Threats

Can You Spot IT Security Threats?

If you believe some of the media hype, the internet is a highly dangerous place, full of IT security threats and shadowy people looking to do us harm. The truth is that if you are armed with a little knowledge, it can go a long way to keeping you safe and protected online. Network security … Continued

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How forward planning can simplify cloud management

Today, more and more organizations are opting to shift elements of their operations onto cloud solutions instead of locally hosted solutions. While cloud solutions can deliver lower operating costs and other efficiencies, many business managers seem to believe it will somehow make the need for IT administration in the organization virtually disappear. Understanding in advance … Continued

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