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5 Reasons to Consider Remote IT Support Services

For many computer repair professionals, owning and operating their own repair business is their goal. They may have worked for a large IT firm or a computer repair center in a larger operation, but their vision of being their own boss is still a goal they all strive for. For those who have achieved this goal and who are working in their own repair shop, you may be looking for new ways to expand your services and increase your income. At the end of the day, there will always be people looking for IT support services to help them with a computer-related issue, highlighting the need for IT support professionals.

One of the best ways that we have found if to offer remote IT support services, be they managed it support options or otherwise. Remote network support is becoming more popular in the industry as small business owners are looking for remote IT support that can provide the services they need at competitive rates and during or after business hours.

Here are 5 reasons you should consider offering remote IT support services:


You can increase your profits by adding more services and remote IT support services are in demand. You will be doing the same work you do in your shop, but you will be earning more of a profit by providing it remotely to more customers.


How many times have you been working on a computer only to find that you have to wait on load times or wait for parts to arrive. You can use this time more efficiently by providing remote IT support for another client while you wait. Likewise, if you are providing remote IT support for a client and have to wait for load times, you can work on a computer in the office.

Access to Resources

When working on location, you don’t always have access to your resources in the shop. By working remotely, you have everything available to you that you will need making the job easier and making you more efficient.

Geographic Location

Providing remote IT support means that you are not limited to your own geographic location. You could live in the UK and provide remote IT support services anywhere in the world. There are it companies in kansas city that could be helping you out in other parts of the country, it is always best to look and see who is out there to help you and your computer problems.

Proactive System Maintenance

As a computer repair technician who provides maintenance services as well, you will find that you can become more efficient by providing maintenance services remotely. You can be more proactive and complete scheduled maintenance on client systems any time that is convenient for you.