Business IT Security Services

5 IT Security Services Your Business Needs in 2019

Most businesses now understand that a data breach is going to cost them money, not to mention a good deal of their reputation. While many companies work hard to stay up to date with the latest changes in their marketplace, unfortunately, the same cannot be said when it comes IT security trends.

If you are focused on protecting your data as well as that belonging to your customers, here are five measures you will to need to implement in 2019. 

1. Managing Vulnerability

A large number of businesses now use cloud-based services such as document sharing, office tools and CRM systems. That often means, however, they think all their IT security is taken care of by their third party supplier. This is not true. 

If you have a small to medium size business and can’t afford onsite IT security services, you should be using a managed service provider who can keep track of things for you and ensure all aspects of your online safety are covered. 

2. Container as a Service (CaaS) and Your Security

CaaS is the main facility by which teams organize their resources online, ensuring everything works together. Teams are able to manage, upload to and organize these features but each also requires its own IT security to keep things safe. If any of this is badly configured, your business could be open to cyberattack. 

3. Tighter Regulations

One thing businesses need to always focus on is changes in data regulations. If your company deals with customers in Europe, for example, you will be affected by the General Data Protection Regulation, something that puts much more responsibility on businesses to deliver high levels of security and report breaches. It’s important that your company fully understands the different regulations that impact on different markets. 

4. Data Has Gotten Bigger

With big data and AI solutions for managing all that information, IT security teams need to have a deep understanding of what the threats are and how everything works together. Your data may be accessed by a number of different programs all of which have their own security risks and accessibility rules. 

5. Internet of Things

Finally, with many businesses now installing smart solutions to improve operational procedures, IT security services are facing even greater risks. Hackers will be looking at everything from your smart light set up to your onsite digital assistant as possible ways to breach your organization. You need to be aware of the threats and how to mitigate them.